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I Envision a World?


I envision a world is about learning what your purpose is, growing as a result of it, and empowering others. 

We do this by envisioning a world from your point of view.


When God created you, he gave you a unique vision to see the world in a way only you can see.

He planted a seed of greatness in you that only you can nurture to bring it into fruition.

He created this world and left a you-shaped place for you to step in to make it whole. Your goal is to find that place. We start from here. 


What do you see?

Do you envision a world where every child in the world gets to taste a piece of rich chocolate melting in his mouth?

Do you envision a world where a woman can safely trust a man and not play games?

Do you envision a world where we’re all fit and healthy getting rid of all the fad diets out there?

Do you envision a world where you can trust the mass media to play safe programs for our children?


Perhaps your first vision is to see yourself becoming whole. 

You cannot see the world when your own vision is blurry.

You cannot help when you are helpless.

You must first envision a world where you are healthy, safe, confident, and joyful. 


Perhaps you are content in your being but you know that there is more.

If there is one thing that you know that you have always known is that, life has to be more than now. You’ve gone through your painful and awkward teenage years, you’ve had your 20’s angst, you stepped into your career in your 30’s and successfully built a safe wall for yourself.

But you always knew that there is something inside of you that won’t let you be satisfied with the status quo.

You’ve asked yourself a million times, “what is the purpose of my life?”

If you’re at this stage, then I ask you to ask a different question:

“How do I envision this world and what can I do to make it happen?”


As you explore this question, read my blogs or hear my thoughts and others on this podcast,

my hope is that you will find stories that will resonate with you.

Something will speak to you louder than others and continue to tug at your heart. Instead of shaking it off,

my hope is that this time, you will take the first step towards your vision.

I believe it is time for you to stop trying to blot out the vision you are given. That would be selfish, you know.

We are all waiting to see your vision come alive.  We need you now, the world needs to you.


Time is of the essence. Let’s explore together.

I Envision a World

Find Your Purpose

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