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My Story

Stepping into my 40’s, I noticed a discomfort in me.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I didn’t know exactly what it was.

In my 20’s, I felt invincible, free, and hungry.  I was ready for the world.

In my 30’s, I came to be me.  I was confident and maybe a bit full of myself. 


I wasn’t afraid as I came into my 40’s.  I enjoyed being an attorney, I had a good family life.  But I felt the discomfort.

It’s like your comfortable shoes that you always relied on didn’t quite feel right anymore.

The proverbial question, “What is the purpose of my life?” became so loud and pervasive in my head.


The question has always been there in each decade of my life.

In my teens, I searched for my purpose as I prepared to go to college. In my 20’s, I searched for my purpose as I began my career. The purpose in my 30’s was work, family, having to deal with a complete meltdown of both and building them back up. 


But, 40’s was different.  It wasn’t simply dealing with the present and consequently arriving at the next stage of my life. The “purpose” I was seeking was the thing that I had to find with which would, then, set the next stage of my life.

Seeking my purpose became intentional and intense.  Was I finally breathing?

I went back to all the good ol’ books about finding your purpose.  This was a familiar territory for me.

I started this journey in my teens, 20’s, and 30’s. I studied psychology in college and devoured books on self-help, self-confidence, self-improvement. I know that these books helped me to shape who I am today.


But this time around, I did not focus my search on my “self” and on these books.

I centered it around God: searching for His purpose; transformation through His Word; stepping into His purpose for me.

What did my Creator have in mind when He created me? 


I started a couple of ladies’ bible study groups.  I started a mentorship for a friend that miserably failed.

I saw a friend in need of guidance in her life and I offered to help.  Even though she readily and cheerfully accepted me as her mentor, I saw my limitations.   I could not serve her the way I thought I could.   What she needed was counseling. What I tried to do was to equip her to do things on her own.  I think it was timing. I think she was at a different stage in her transformation and I was not the best person to guide her at that time.


Then, someone else, a legal assistant, timidly asked me if we can talk sometime. We met up for lunch which sprouted into a weekly bible study and mentorship. She is now getting ready to go to law school and start her journey of finding her purpose.


I took it all in as I continued to reflect on God’s purpose for me.  As I continued in this search, I noticed that I was helping others find their purpose.  In the bible study groups, mentorships, and in my family, I helped others to envision their life and figure out how to live it out fully.

In this way, I prayed, I mediated on the Word, and I actively engaged by doing: living out the principals in the Bible one baby step at a time.

Then, I saw my own vision for my purpose.  I envisioned a world where I served God and I served others by helping them discover their purpose.

I envisioned a world where I was helping you visualize your vision and do something about it.

I want to help you by highlighting your vision by writing about it or talking about it, helping you connect with the right people, do all that I can to birth your vision into the world.    


As I envisioned a world from my own perspective, I arrived at my purpose.  I believe my purpose is to guide you to step into your purpose.

With the talents that God mixed into my DNA, I want to be a small catalyst in your life to find your purpose.

I want to do this by writing about your vision, by talking about it on the podcast,

by sharing with like-minded people, of course with your permission, and help you to nurture and grow your vision. 


As I step into my purpose, I invite you to come along.  This is as much your journey as it is mine.

I know there is greatness in you that is dying to come out.  I know this because we all want to matter.

And we do matter because that’s how our God created us to be. 


How do you envision the world? Won’t you talk to me about it?  Share with your friend?  Share with the world?

I bet it is really awesome!  Let’s envision together!





Jeannie’s Bio

UCLA, Bachelor’s in Psychology, 1994

USD, School of Law, J.D., 1999

Licensed to practice in the State of CA

Founder/Partner:, law firm specializing in marriage-based immigration


I Envision a World

Find Your Purpose

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