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I want to commend all the people of this great nation.

We've seen the courage of the doctors, nurses, and all the hospital staff working around the clock to save lives.

We've seen people coming together to pray for each other and to offer help in any way they can.

Some have donated money, food, delivery services, even dog-walking services.

Thank you!

We're in the fifth week of the national lockdown and we're reaping the benefits of all of your efforts.

However, this is not the time to relax yet. This is not the time to celebrate victory over this virus. We still have a battle ahead of us.

This week, I have invited the governors of each state to join me in a meeting via video conference.

During this conference, we will discuss how we can cooperate with each other to slowly lift the restrictions.

Some governors have already made plans to lift the restrictions in their states but I hope they will wait until we reach an agreement before taking actions.

This is not the time to act alone but in concert with all the other states and the health experts and the scientists.

This is not about making a political statement or self-aggrandizement.

This is about coming together, putting our individual agendas aside for the good of the people.

Also, this is about saving the lives of our nation. The people who live here legally and permanently. The people we should be concerned with.

I will not allow this administration to hand out alms to those who should not be here or those who are entering this country to receive freebies.

I will not allow the resources of our country to fall into the hands of the aliens before all the citizens of this nation receive it first.

Our resources are for our citizens first and whatever crumbs may fall from the table, they may have.

If our legislators do not follow this direction, I will sign the necessary order to make it happen.

Our people come first.

We will reconvene after the conference with the governors.

Until further notice, I ask all the people to continue practicing social distancing and follow the guidelines of the government.

Please be safe and well.

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