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From: Hon. Samuel <> Date: Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 10:07 A.M. Subject: An announcement from Esther To: Saul <>

Hello Saul,

I hope you are safe as well.

You ask:

Can Madame sign an executive order to stop immigration?

Is this constitutional?

In short, yes it is constitutional.

Of course, the answer is not as simple as that.

The executive immigration authority is related to the complexities of foreign affairs power. It's in the executive power to control the foreign affairs of the nation. The right to exclude aliens is essentially based on this executive power to control the foreign affairs.

So, Madam Esther can sign an executive order to suspsend immigration.

She'll cite health concerns and employment crisis of the U.S. as reasons for the executive order.

And there will be many challenges citing that her initiative is more political based than anyting else.

I don't belive these challenges will prevail as we've witnesses with Madam's travel ban.

Be safe.



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