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It'll be nice if I can get the sales rep job.

American women have a phobia about getting on the weight scale.

They'll probably choose to be skinny than kind.

Where does their insecurity come from?

You'd think you'll get past that at a certain age.

How shy and insecure I had been.

Was it because we didn't have much?

Can I say that I was poor?

No, we weren't exactly poor.

We had a good house and my mother didn't work.

We had tenants renting one bedroom and a kitchen unit. Did each unit have a bathroom too? There must have been.

I remember the house.

It was a big one story house shaped in a circle with the middle part a common concrete yard.

There were these one bedroom units surrounding the middle, around the edge of the circle.

Each unit was occupied by a family. A family, usually a father, mother, and one or two children. All in one bedroom units.

How many units were there? Maybe 10?

We were the landlord with the biggest unit.

As soon as you walk in through the gate our unit was the first one on the left.

In our unit, we had two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

My mom, my brother, and me. It was the three of us.

My mother said her father had the house built like that on purpose so that my mother didn't have to work for a living after my father had passed away.

It was difficult for a single woman with children to find a job back then. Things haven't changed much.

All the kids would come out to the yard in the middle and play.

And we heard funny stories of their parents sleeping on top of each other at night.

Sometimes, one of our tenant would bring home a whole roasted chicken and eat in their small bedroom with the door wide open. The whole family sitting around a small circle eating chicken with their fingers. The wafting fragrance of the roasted chicken and herbs was irresistable.

I sat there watching. Salivating.

Then my mother would call me.

How old was I? 6, 7, 8?

I've loved chicken as long as I can remember.

Maybe I'll sell roasted chicken if this diet pill thing doesn't work out.

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