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From: Daniel <> Date: Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 8:42 PM Subject: Just a thought To: Hon. Samuel <>

Hon. Samuel,

I hope you are well.

It's been a while since I talked to you.

As you can imagine, there's something new coming up every minute that I have to deal with.

I'm barely getting any sleep.

So, in my daze, a thought keeps coming up and I want to share with you to see what you think.

Before the pandemic, Madame Esther had been touting about the booming economy, the decline in the national unemployment rate.

That was the strongest thing going for her before the next election.

That was her joy and pride, her precious firsborn.

I know that God anointed her to be the leader of this country.

I believe all authority is delegated by God.

And I know that she's done some things that are in line with God's Word.

I don't know if she's really doing it for God but what she did ends up being in line with God.

But I see her pride soaring higher each month, each day. Because of my position, I can see the twitches under her eyes.

I see in each press conference where she is more concerned about protecting her image and selling herself to the public. Some things she says don't even make sense. She says one thing and then the next moment, she says something completely opposite. I think she's doing that to cover all the possibilities. Whatever ends up being true, she'll say she called it first.

More and more, I see what she's doing and I wonder...

In Exodus, God brought down 10 plagues upon Egypt.

Every time, Pharaoh had a chance to be relieved by letting the people go. Had he followed God's will after the first plague, he would've avoided the nine that followed. But Pharaoh did not want to follow God's will. So God hardened his heart. God made him more obstinate and rebellious against His will. Then the final plague took his firstborn.

Before the pandemic and even during the pandemic, there were many instances where Madam Esther could have risen to the occasion to bring true leadership to the people. But she failed to heed the warnings. Her wanting to build a wall, for example, I know that that's not what she wanted to do initially. Building a wall was just a political jargon. She didn't care to build a wall. She has a lot of undocumented Mexicans working for her in her own businesses and she takes good care of them.

But (probably to her surprise), people were galvanizing around that slogan, "Build the wall." The momentum took off. And she started to believe it herself. Just the way you start to believe the lie if you say it enough times. It wasn't necessary to spend millions/billions of dollars to build a wall. She knew that. But she knew it pleased the people. She danced to the tune of the praises of the people. So God hardened her heart. He said, "you want a wall? I'll give you a wall. I'll give you more than one wall. I'll give you walls all around the borders of the countries. In fact, I'll give you walls along the borders of the states within this very country." The pandemic came to America and the impregnable walls began to go up. What did Madam Esther sacrifice for these walls? The economy. Her firstborn.

Now, we're slowly getting out of the lockdowns around the country. And Madam Esther, instead of uniting the country to keep everyone safe, incites protests, suspends legal immigration (which by the way, doesn't change a thing. The embassies around the world are closed right now and are not issuing immigrant visas anyway. Putting a stay in legal immigration for 60 days doesn't change anything. It's just another ploy to make it seem like she's doing something when she's just making noise), and quietly stands by as some states put their people as experimental groups. These people's lives are at stake. Madam Esther watches to see what will unfold, ready to pounce on the victor to take all the credit. Is she now chasing after the Israelites towards the Red Sea to her final defeat? Would this country perish with her?

This thought keeps coming up as I watch her everyday.

I wish she would stop. I wish God would have mercy and soften her heart.

Please let me know what you think...or don't give it another minute if you think it's all rubbish.

I hope to leave soon and get some sleep. Maybe it's not like that at all.

Respectfully yours,


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