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From: Priscilla <> Date: Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 7:05 PM Subject: sales position To: Paul <>


I'll let you know about the sales position.

I'm really looking for a marketing person right now, though.

Someone who's really good at social media marketing.

You want to come work with me? ^^

How about like a part time? You don't have to leave your current job.

You know this is really Aquila's thing.

He just starts these kinds of ventures without much planning.

I think it's a good idea but now that he's already boread with it, I have to do everything on my own.

He was going to go abroad to meet with the manufacturers but couldn't go due to the lockdown.

I'm kinda glad he couldn't go. It would've been a waste of more money. He took out so much equity and we already have a lot of debt.

I konw he's a good guy.

But I can't trust him with business decisions. I have to rely on myself to make the right decisions.

I've always wanted a man I can rely on.

I thought that after I got married, I would just work part time and my husband would take care of me.

That fantasy burst around 4th year of our marriage.

After so much debt and failure of his business ventures, I decided not to trust him in that regard anymore.

I wish he would stop getting into these business ventures and just work somewhere.

I'm not even asking him to make a lot of money. Even if he brings home a couple of thousand a month, I'd be fine with it.

He just cannot give up wanting to be treated like someone.

He wants to have subordinates, be treated like a CEO of a big company.

But he doesn't want to put in the work to get up there. He just wants to start a company so he can start from the top.

Aaarrrggg...I don't know...


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