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From: Hon. Samuel <> Date: Fri, May 1, 2020 at 8:02 AM Subject: Just a thought To: Daniel <>


I hope you you are able get some rest in between the busy sessions.

I appreciate your candor in sharing your thoughts with me.

Last night, I naturally gravitated towards the Book of Revelation.

Like you, I find myself trying to overlay our real time issues on top of the Scriptures.

I've read this book many times but this time, I found myself contriving to find the answers, analogies, allusions, signs (to be quite frank) to connect the dots from here to there.

Shall I connect the dots from the present catastrophy to the apocalyptic prophecy?

Shall I believe that America is going through birthing pains before the great tribulations?

I found this task arduous.

I think America is diseased with an infection of self aggrandizement.

She believes whatever affects her affects the entire history of humanity.

Yes, we are to pay attention to the events around us. There's no doubt that we're called to be vigilant and keep a watch.

But sometimes, a rose is just a rose, as they say.

We live in a fallen world, a corrupt world.

There are diseases, pain, and suffering. If it weren't so, it wouldn't be a fallen world.

Pandemic in a fallen world is a natural event.

When there's a pandemic, people being isolated and borders being shut are necessary consequences.

Politicians trying to utilize whatever opportunity is out there during this time for their own gain is, unfortunately, a mundane outcome.

Perhaps, your anlalogy will fit perfectly in the end.

Perhaps because you want it to fit.

You are a man of prayer and an interpreter of dreams.

Ask for answers. He will give it to you.

If this is the answer you were given, what is your responsibility as someone with the answer?

Should you condemn her and watch her perish?

What if you are there for such a time as this?

In Him,


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