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From: Daniel <> Date: Mon, May 4, 2020 at 6:05 AM Subject: Just a thought To: Hon. Samuel <>

Hon. Samuel,

Thank you for your concern.

I was able to get some rest over the weekend.

This morning, I re-read your email.

I was in the Book of Revelation, too.

I thought about the seven letters to the seven churches.

The letters pertain to the churches corporally but also personally to us.

The letters lay out the history of the churches but it also maps out our individual walk of faith.

The Book of Revelation, just like all other books of the Bible, pertains to the entire humanity as a whole as well as to each individual in it.

In this sense, this pandemic affects the whole world together and separately to each individuals.

We are jointly and severally liable as they say in the legal jargon.

The plague in Exodus affected the entire nation and also affected each individual separately.

There's humanity and there's one person in it.

We all have a plague that we face now or will certainly face later.

This pandemic affects Madam Esther, me individually, this nation, and the humanity.

For humanity, it brings a fresh reflection upon our powerlessness.

For Madam Esther, a warning and a divine opportunity to rise to the occasion.

For the nations, a reminder that their rage is in vain.

For me, to act with understanding of the times and the position I occupy.

Please pray that I will act in fear of the Lord.

In Him,


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