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Dear God,

Law beckons me to come out.

He sends me messages in envelopes with presidential seals.

With smile affixed on his thin lips and his body rigid,

He tells me to keep him in my heart.

He says he is the great benefector and I will be free when I follow his ways.

But God, I am scared of law.

I cannot meet his gaze, for I know I do not measure up.

I've seen those being crushed by law.

I've seen those being bound by him.

Then I heard of grace.

I heard of the power of grace.

I heard of the mercy that grace bestows.

And I heard that grace is sufficient.

And I heard that grace is free.

Oh God, am I not here according to your divine intervention?

Then, grant me this grace that I may put my claim upon it.

God, rescue me out of the clutches of law.

In you, I relinquish my life.

I offer up my whole self, God.

I offer up my life, my family, my career whatever that may be.

Grace and truth.

Grace and truth.

Yes, grace before truth.

With redemption through grace,

I will learn your ways,

I will learn the truth.

In Jesus' name,


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