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From: Daniel <> Date: Mon, May 18, 2020 at 11:47 AM Subject: Knowledge is power? To: Saul <>


Good to hear from you.

As always, I appreciate your piquant perspective.

Regardless of what you think of her, God still uses her to fulfill His agenda.

Think of all the characters in the Bible, albeit shady, being used by God for His purpose.

From Babylonian kings to Herod to Pilate, God uses them as tools to build His story, doesn't He?

M. Esther, in the era where the stones of truth have become pebbles, refuses to move certain boundary stones.

It's interesting that you bring up this topic of knowledge and power.

I've come to the same conclusion recently. You are right that authority and delegated authority give power. It isn't so much about knowledge.

The other day, I was with a few people at the office talking about the Book of John.

I was very tired and had no desire to talk about the subject matter. I wasn't fully in the conversation.

But with all the Bible studies and biblical exegesis I've taken, you would think my knowledge would suffice to make a meaningful contribution to the conversation. Well, it didn't.

What I said, regardless of how interesting or appropriate, fell flat. No reaction, no comment.

Later that day, I realized how I didn't spend much time in prayer.

It had been a couple of weeks since I earnestly prayed.

With work being so busy, my prayers have been curt and purfunctory.

I realized that I had no power because I wasn't receiving the power from Him.

All my knowledge of Him is powerless without Him delegating His authority to me.

Without power, there is no ripple effect of my words. My knowledge is dead on its own.

So, I agree with you.

Knowledge is not power.

What good is knowledge without power?

I hope we can resume our sessions with Hon. Samuel, soon.

Perhaps beer...

Or perhaps coffee may be my vice for now.

I'm practicing sobriety so that I may pray more.

Stay safe,


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