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From: Saul <> Date: Mon, May 18, 2020 at 4:04 PM Subject: Knowledge is power? To: Daniel <>


Some rules and policies are only possible and plausible in theocracy.

We do not live in a nation where God and His rules reign.

In fact, theocracy is impossible because we are not God.

Pushing for God's agenda without having God as the Supreme Ruler does not work.

It sets us up for failure.

Do you think people will change because M. Esther is force-feeding the people?

They'll vomit it all up and make a bloody mess.

Merely checking off a 'to do' list without a substantial plan or foundation is reckless.

What do you think people will do if abortion was illegal in this country?

Do you think people will stop having sex outside of marriage?

If same sex marriages are illegal, do you think people will stop having homosexual relationships?

If those things were illegal, then those who engage in them would become criminals.

Do you think we, the people, have a right to criminalize their actions and punish them? If that was the case, think of all the repercussions.

Hate crimes will be rampant because now the law would be on their side. Imagine a citizen's arrest on that. If there was Jesus on this earth that people could bring those 'criminals' to and receive judgment, that's a different story. But there is no God to bring the adulteress to right now. You are left with the Pharisees like M. Esther. It'll be the Inquisition of the 21st century.

God's law should be left to God to enforce.

We don't have the authority because we are sinners ourselves.

If, for example, you want to make abortion illegal, start teaching the people - the children- God's law first. Start teaching them the biblical principals and teach them why abortion is against God's law. They need to learn and then they need to accept it as the truth. When people learn this truth and have accepted it as the truth, then abortion will go away on its own. Abortion would be a moot point.

But until then, you cannot make it illegal. It will not go away that way. There just will be a lot more butcher shops.

So, if she really wants to get rid of abortion and same-sex marriages, then she needs to go evangelize.

With her political power, she needs to galvanize her Christian constituents the right way for the right cause.

Make the church evangelize and do their job for Christ's sake.

Instead, she's sitting pretty on her throne thinking she's the answer to prayers, "Oh let's set boundaries for God."

Looks like a f'n delusion to me.

Gotta run man.

David is rushing me to a meeting.

You met David, right?

We'll do coffee soon. Well, you do coffee, I'll stick with beer.


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