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From: Hon. Samuel <> Date: Mon, June 1, 2020 at 5:04 P.M. Subject: To: Saul <>

Hello Saul,

I am enraged and disappointed in the current administration as well.

I feel pain when I see the pictures of destruction, looters, the senseless violence.

These people are crying out because they don't know how else to express themselves.

And more importantly, I fear the second half of this year will bring more disaster and chaos.

The second waive of infections will be monstrous.

The second waive of the riots after M. Esther's reelection in November will be catastrophic.

A great distraction will be constructed to divert the attention of the people.

The heart of the innocent can be easily manipulated.

Something shiny and pretty, something round and bouncy will engage the people for a while.

Then their mind will swing back to reality. They will find themselves in hopelessness, ground zero.

People are resilient.

They will find the strength to rebuild.

But it will cost all of us.


I Envision a World

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