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From: Lydia <> Date: Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 3:27 PM Subject: how are you To: Ruth <>

Hi Ruth,

Things have been hectic.

Now that our company was finally able to get back to work this week, we were forced to close early due to the curfew.


Where do I stand? Black or White?

I wish it was as simple as that, black or white.

You know what? Maybe it's more simple than I thought.

I stand with the people who would leave me alone so I can work and get my company back and running again.

Yes, there's racism in America.

Yes, there's systematic discrimination against Blacks.

Yes, there's systemactic discrimination against Asians, Mexicans, Middle-Easterners, everyone.

Each race feels is differently.

You know what they say.

Love looks different to different people. Some people like tough love and some peole like soft love.

Hate looks different to different people, too.

Asians are generally known to be gentle, submissive, and smart. So they're used in intellectual capacities with a bamboo ceiling to keep them down. No need to get violent with these people. We need them and they're very good at following rules.

Mexicans are happy-go-lucky kind of people where they're content at menial jobs and would spend their whole paycheck as soon as they get it.

So, we use them for the work that we hate to do, gardening, dish washing, cleaning, and then pay them in cash. Nothing betther than cash, right?

There's systematic discrimination everywhere for everyone. Don't feel left out. America's got plenty for everyone.

I don't think racism will be eradicated from America any time soon or ever.

Something will happen again, people will congregate, some actions will be taken, and we will continue to limp along.

I suppose that's how systematic changes generally progress. Yes, there will be progress but complete eradication?

In my opinion, the more minorities in power and influence, the quicker the changes will come.

You want to make black lives matter, have more black politicians, entertainers, teachers, pastors, what have you.

You need a voice and you need to have your voice heard.

Yes, people will get educated and more knowledgable about the issues through discussions and dissemination of information.

But knowledge isn't power. You can know all you want but you need power to use your knowledge.

Authority gives you power. The people in authority, the law, the people who make laws, that's where the authority comes from.

When you are handed a mic from a person of authority or rule of authority, that's when you get power.

When you have power, your knowledge becomes relevant.

If you're asking if I'm doing anything like joining people in protests or speaking out for one group versus another, no.

I'm not doing anything.

I read the news, I think, and I pray.

But, I'm busy trying to save and run my business.

And, trying to figure out if I should stay with Apollo... it's a long story.

Oh BTW, how's the job search going? Must be rough right now.

I'll let you know if I hear of anything for you.

Talk to you later,


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