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From: Saul <> Date: Sun, June 14, 2020 at 3:04 PM Subject: draft statement To: David <>


Draft a statement for Tuesday's conference.

Talk about little bit of everything.

About the riots, protests, BLM.

About the economy.

About the unemployment.

About the election.

I know it's a f'n mess right now.

The fake unemployment rate. Who the f' is going to work when you can stay home and get more money?

Throw a measly $1200 to the people and they keep quiet.

It's drug money. Keep the people doped and get them dependent on the gov't.

Didn't expect this BLM crap to rain down on them, did they?

And you got the bank account info and a whole slew of shit of all the people and businesses of the entire nation.

Who the f' gives a shit about the BLM riot, really?

What a fine day for an orgy.


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