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From: Daniel <> Date: Tues, October 13, 2020 at 10:20 p.m. Subject: Support for Esther? To: Saul <>


Your questions... well, rhetorical comments, I think, are interesting.

Do Christians support Esther because she is fulfilling prophesy for Israel?

Does that mean as Christians, we're all to support Esther?

If we don't support her, then is it because we're ignorant of the Biblical prophesies?

Let me think about this.

What did God say about the land of Israel?

God promised Abraham the land that we believe is the land they are occupying today and perhaps more.

The boundaries of the land are unclear.

Because God is unchanging, His promises are unchanging. His promises are irrevocable and eternal.

And God sealed His promise to Abraham unilaterally. He did not require any performance on the part of Abraham.

In Mosaic law, however, we see certain conditions set upon His promises.

If His people are to do this, then His people will receive.

It appears that the promise of the inheritance of the land is irrevocable but the possession of the land is conditional.

We see throughout the Bible how the boundaries of the land are extensible and contractible.

The size of the land possession during the time of Joshua was different than the time of Samuel which was different than the time of David, than the time of Solomon, etc.

We can deduce why the size of the land was different from the events that are recorded in the Bible during the respective time periods.

Hence, it appears that the possession of the land was conditional upon the actions of the people.

But the Mosaic law is no longer.

We're in a new covenant under the New Testament through Jesus.

The Mosaic covenant has become obsolete.

The Mosaic law was temporary until the coming of Jesus.

So the conditions upon the possession of the land is gone.

Then what?

Is Israel entitled to the complete possession of the land?

Well, Israel is currently occupying a part of the land, aren't they?

What about the fact that the land itself is holy?

Do you believe that the land is holy? God's very name is on the land.

The land itself is holy just like God is holy.

God makes it clear that the land will vomit out its inhabitants for their perversity and idolatry because the land is holy.

It cannot inhabit unholy things and people.

So then, it may be the very people, the Israelites, that is preventing them from possessing their full boundary of the land.


Israel is still Jacob.

Israel is still wrestling with God.

Israel needs to reconcile with God and accept the Man-God, Jesus, and ask to be blessed by the Man-God, Jesus.

She hasn't done that yet.

In their sinful nature, she cannot possess the land that is irrevocably promised to them.

But the day will come as the Bible tells us.

Are we to take things into our own hands?

Is Esther fulfilling God's prophesy or is she merely trying to manipulate the circumstances to bring the fulfillment of His promise into existence by her own hands? Just as Sarah and Abraham tried to "help out" God by having Abraham impregnate Hagar?

Is Esther truly a fulfiller of God's promise?

You said yourself, Saul, that God removes kings and sets up kings. Promotion comes neither from the east or the west, north or the south. God's people get the kind of government they deserve.

Let's go back to your question.

Are we, as Christians, to support Esther because she is fulfilling God's prophesy?

But what if she is merely manipulating instead of waiting on God's time?

Knowing what we know, if we were there, should we or would we have supported Abraham and Sarah's decision to bring Hagar into the mix?

But, you may say, they didn't know. After all, God promised Abraham that the seed will come from Abraham and didn't mention that it will come from Sarah until after the incident with Hagar.

Perhaps Esther and others believe that what Esther is doing is the right thing because God didn't say not to do anything.

God also said whoever blesses Abraham will be blessed and whoever curses Abraham will be cursed.

Is Esther in favor with God because she is "helping out" Israel?

I don't have the answer.

I don't think any of us do.

I'll quote a cliche. We are to pray for all of our government leaders that they will govern with wisdom.

At the same token, if Esther is contriving to make it work through her manipulations, well then, we can say that we get the kind of leader that we deserve. We only have to look at ourselves to see what kind of leader will be raised up. Just look at Facebook and see the profile of this nation, the pomposity, the arrogance, the pride.

Esther is what this nation deserves right now.

Esther is what this nation needs right now.

You are free to choose.

Just my thoughts...

See you soon,


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